Published: 04 February 2012
Last Updated: 26 June 2015


Diamax Bodybuilding - The Art of Sculpting One's Body - Carve Yourself!

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano


Before starting, be aware that the most powerful muscle is the mind, and that is what you begin with. Everything is a subject of the mind and that is... ♔.

Bodybuilding, more than enything else, is an art; and like any other form of art it requires dedication, motivation and inspiration to be successful. When looking into the mirror a bodybuilder never looks at himself. He looks at his body, as he would look at a thing that needs sculpting to give it shape.

There are three major areas that need to be taken care of in bodybuilding, and when those are covered you can successfully sculpt yourself a harmonious, muscular, and healthy body.

  1. Proper Training
  2. Proper Nutrition and Supplementation
  3. Proper Rest and Recuperation